I had the pleasure of attending the Stress and Anxiety presentation with Samantha from revigour.

As someone who confronts anxiety regularly I found the presentation informative and incredibly valuable. Samantha is well spoken and a clear communicator.


Not only am I more knowledgeable about the causes of anxiety but I am now armed with techniques which I can easily recall to aid in improving my mental health and wellbeing.


I would certainly be interested in attending future presentations and workshops. Thank you Samantha! 

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Jennifer Stuart 

I came from a happy home, however various experiences in my childhood left me with me with a sense of debilitating inferiority. I was never good enough, I never measured up and I was always on the back foot, this was stressful.


 As I matured I began to run into life and other kinds of stress. With the perfectionist tendencies I had developed to prove myself worthy, I wasn't equipped to cope. My father died at the age of 52 years, my sister died in mid-life. I experienced a particularly painful breakup of a significant relationship. I had post-natal depression which developed into full blown depression and was generally a bit of a mess, and then I lost a son.


I began to experience crippling fatigue. I would describe it as  pushing a brick wall ahead of me every day, or wearing a thick heavy coat with its deep pockets full of lead. A heavy cloud hung over my head and shoulders. I couldn't get rid of the weight.


Over the years, I was rushed to hospital on three separate occasions with heart problems and a severe headache, I thought my head was going to split in half. Despite an extensive battery of tests, nothing was ever discovered to be the cause.


I had to give up my job as a school chaplain through burn-out, which was a particular grief to me.


I developed polymyalgia, shingles, osteoporosis, psoriasis, osteo and rheumatoid arthritis,  my hands, knees and feet being particularly effected. The pain in my feet was unbearable and I could not stand for any length of time or walk any distance. I had to wear sensible shoes - consequently style went out the window!


  I went to the local library and began to read every self help book I could find. These gave me a charge and I learned to throw off  'garbage' I had collected through negative thought patterns and some crippling beliefs. I could see value in my learning but I didn't really know how to apply it. I tried to tell myself that I was well, but I clearly wasn't and there seemed to be little integrity in what I was trying to do.


Last year 2019, after another emergency visit to the local hospital, and extensive tests I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue. What a relief! There was something wrong with me after all, it had a name.


As Chronic Fatigue is supposedly incurable, I made adjustments to my thinking and life style. I paced myself. If I was to have a busy day, (which was not actually very busy!) I wouldn't schedule anything for the next day. I didn't go out in the evenings. I couldn't and didn't exercise. Sometimes after a morning shower I would need to go back to bed. I spent most of the day lying on the sofa, as I couldn't read because of a foggy brain, I played solitaire, at least it gave me an illusion of doing something!  I was pacing myself but actually living with the brakes on. My husband did all the supermarket shopping and prepared most of the meals, for which I was grateful. 


As I thought about ageing, I could see myself becoming more and more indisposed, 

isolated, and unable to socialise. Life would be full of restraints and pain killers. A bleak prospect.


Then I heard about the Lightning Process, from two people I met who had done the course and found it helpful. I looked up Phil Parker's video clips on You Tube, ordered his book and enrolled in the course.


I was skeptical, especially as I read testimonies of those who had been through the course. One woman wrote how her life changed after the first session. It sounded like so much hype to me and yet I wanted to believe it and give it a chance.


I met Samantha the first day of the course in February (of this year) 2020. She immediately gained credibility with me as she shared how she came to be involved in the Lightning Process. She shared a personal story of her experience witnessing its effects very close to home. Thank you Samantha for putting my mind at ease, and for being such an effective facilitator.


The course has been life changing for me, I can even say that after the first day I was different. I knew much of the theory Samantha shared. It was good to be reminded of it, however I learned a technique by which I could apply my prior learnings. It was like turning on the light with a switch, or running water by turning the tap on. This has been very exciting and now I am learning to live with a new body.


The day after the Lightning Process my husband and I went to Waihi Beach for a short holiday. I swam, walked along the beach and even paddled in bare feet! I walked the streets in Waihi and Katikati, without pain. It was rather ironic when our BnB hostess said as we were leaving, 'what I like about you two, is that you are so active!' If she could only have  seen me the week before!  


I have learned to exchange my pain filter for a comfort filter. I have learned to make positive active statements instead of passive or negative ones.  Instead of saying 'I am tired,' I say, 'I am ready for a rest.' A miniscule difference perhaps, but a small tweak in thinking can make a huge difference to the signals that the brain sends the body. 


The amazing thing about the Lightning Process is that it is so versatile. It can be applied to various ailments. I am keen to apply it to enhance my memory, which in the past has been that thing I forget with!


I am now feeling light in my body and hopeful in my spirit. I am going to enjoy the ageing process with a new vitality and vibrancy. Life is good. Grace is everywhere.


The course and its effects have given me a sense of humility and an enormous  respect for the brain and it's power. I am grateful to Samantha Barr for her hands on, tireless coaching, her encouragement, and her continued availability and follow-up. Thank you Samantha.


Belinda H

"I went surfing this morning for the first time in five years! It was amazing!!I felt so alive, and stood up first go. I'm going rock climbing with a friend this week. I am just loving living my life!"

(came to the lightning process for chronic anxiety, fibromyalgia

and chronic fatigue)


John B 

"I came to the Lightning Process hoping to learn how to manage chronic pain. I had trigeminal neuralgia aka suicide pain.


After the three days I came away knowing that I no longer need to learn how to manage it but that I don't have to live with it.


I now no longer experience it.

Its been two months and for the first time in a long time I am excited for my future"


Woman, 60yrs

Samantha is a well-trained, experienced, sympathetic and passionate practitioner.


Jessica B

I attended one of the anxiety workshops by re-vigour and left with several new tools to help deal with my anxiety.


I am already seeing a shift away from my anxious patterns, as I now have the confidence and knowledge to tackle it with the right mindset.

I highly recommend attending the anxiety workshop, you will come away feeling inspired from the words, experiences and exercises that Samantha shares with you.