workplace programmes.

Recent research has found that almost 60% of New Zealanders are stressed at least once per week and that over 30% of employees have reported that their level of stress has risen in the last two years.


One of the key recommendations that came out of the most recent Business NZ ‘Wellness in the Workplace Survey’ was for employers to consider adopting a workplace wellbeing programme.


Adopting a workplace wellbeing programme has numerous positive effects including improving staff wellbeing, productivity and minimising the cost of absence (In 2016 NZ lost $1.5b due to staff absences).


Many of the worlds, leading organizations and firms have realized the value of employee wellness programmes and have implemented them with great success. So what’s stopping you?


“Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients." -Richard Branson. "

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revigour’s signature half day workshop provides participants with a comprehensive understanding on the science behind stress/anxiety and provides attendees with a range of tools and strategies to rewire for health and wellbeing.


 renew 90

A condensed form of revigour’s standard workshop, for those who are limited on time but still want a really good understanding on the science behind stress/anxiety and how to rewire for greater health and wellbeing.

Why adopt a workplace wellbeing programme?


  • A more vibrant, healthy and refreshed workforce who can bring their best to work each day

  • Increased levels of innovation, ideation, focus and creativity

  • Stronger workplace relations, culture and unity

  • Improved employee job satisfaction, less absenteeism and staff turnover

  • Greater productivity, efficiency and output

  • Contributes to positive societal change and community well-being


By incorporating principles of Neuroscience, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Psychology, Revigour educates and empowers employees with knowledge skills and tools that can be used to overcome stress/anxiety and create new life-enhancing patterns that promote health, vitality and optimal performance.


Each of Revigour’s programmes incorporates relevant, captivating, evidence-based content in a way that is accessible to all employees. All employees will be provided with a range of course resources that they can draw on after the programme so that they and your organization can enjoy long term benefits from the strategies that they employ.

The Stress & Anxiety talk was great—Sam illuminated how the patterns of the mind get into their grooves and how we can re-wire our brain to cope with stressors more effectively. I highly recommend!

Amy Green

Owner of Mind Body Movement