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Bringing together cutting edge research from the fields of Neuroscience, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Psychology, Revigour’s ‘Renew’ workshop is a half day workshop that unpacks the science of stress and anxiety in a captivating, relevant and relatable way.


All workshop participants will be provided with a set of highly valuable tools and resources that they can draw on after the workshop to make lasting long-term change.


I attended one of the anxiety workshops by re-vigour and left with several new tools to help deal with my anxiety.


I am already seeing a shift away from my anxious patterns, as I now have the confidence and knowledge to tackle it with the right mindset.

I highly recommend attending the anxiety workshop, you will come away feeling inspired from the words, experiences and exercises that Samantha shares with you.

- Jessica B

module 1

Empowerment through knowledge

-Stress & Anxiety in the modern world

-Neuroplasticity - What is it and what does it mean for me?

-Epigenetics & the power of the mind

-The Physical Emergency Response

-Triggers - Identify what is starting the process

module 2

Building our toolkit

-Working within our sphere of control

-Changing our filter for calm

-Learning to edit our experiences

-Reshaping our language for positive change

-Posture and the mind-body

module 3

Applying our tools

-Coaching fundamentals

-Becoming your best coach

-Practical examples


module 4

Holistic change

-Sleep, exercise and the brain

-Fuelling our body for success

-Becoming screen smart

-Hardwiring for long term change



4.5 - 5 hours (with breaks)


15 minutes of Q&A

Visual aids


Interactive based - allowing participants to apply theory to their own lives


Take-home course resource kit to help maximise learning and promote long term health benefits


Workshops can be adjusted and altered to cater to a range of different sized groups


1 X 30 minute lunch break and 1 x 15 minute tea break





Please ask us for a quote, costs will be tailored to your requirements, numbers of people and your budget.


Workshop evaluation forms - provided to staff at the end of the workshop so they can evaluate and feedback on their experience. Key information will be compiled and feedback to you in the form of a simple, easy to use, report.


Touchstone wellness survey - sent to all participants prior to the workplace programme to evaluate their current levels of stress/anxiety and perceived ability to effectively manage these symptoms. This can then be re-sent 12 weeks after the programme to measure progress.

“The most succesful organisations are now turning their attention to employee wellbeing as a way to gain emotional, financial and competitve advantage"

-Tom Rath, Gallup